100 Master’s Teachings

(Venerable Master Miu King)

(41)     As Buddhist students in these modern times, if we diligently cultivate and practice the teachings of the Noble beings, many will achieve the Noble Path. In this way, the Dharma will naturally flourish.

(42)     We ought to know that our mind is polluted. We need to constantly self examine ourselves, acknowledge such problems, and feel ashamed about them. We shouldn’t be irresponsible and disregard them. If our minds are tainted with greed, anger, and ignorance, and we don’t take responsibility for them – that would be a very serious problem!

(43)     In the Ch’an (Zen) masters’ teachings, one asked: “How does one cultivate diligently?” The Ch’an master said: “It’s like a thief entering an empty room”. A thief enters an empty room trying to steal something from the room that has nothing to be stolen. This is the meaning of “knowing what is perceived does not really exist”. All things that can be obtained have no self-nature; they are devoid of true existence.

(44)     Jealousy is one of the most serious afflictions. What should we do when we are afflicted with jealousy? The moment it arises, we must immediately identify the jealous mind as wrong. We ought to quickly go to the Buddha hall and repent; in front of the Buddha’s image we ought to prostrate; kneeling down we should say these words in mind or aloud: “I have jealousy in my mind, I pray for the compassion of Buddha to help me extinguish jealousy in my mind”. We should do more repentance prostrations. As we continue our repentance, our jealous mind will gradually minimize and fall away. Though it may not be ultimately eliminated, the affliction of jealousy will no longer be active. Thus, the mind will have more freedom.

(45)     Frequently, one should maintain attentiveness and practice with respect to the Dharma  teachings. Via meditation, [practicing Samatha (serenity) and Vipassana (insight)] and reflecting upon meanings of the Dharma, one will have the ability to face afflictions and purify oneself. This is the critical doctrine of samsara beings making the transition to Noble beings, and attaining the forbearance of no dharma arising.

(46)     One should not be deluded; earnestly treat oneself; adorn oneself with precepts, meditative concentration, and wisdom; with a purified mind.

(47)     In our daily life when we have good health, with the four elements in harmony, and we are generally happy or in a good mood, we can wisely observe and deal with anything that happens. We could say that we are capable of making sound judgments. However, when afflictions occur, are we still able to deal with them wisely? We may become unwise and unreasonable. This is having deluded views.

(48)     We may feel that Chinese Buddhism in modern times is not flourishing and actually on the decline. Why is Chinese Buddhism on the decline? It is due to a lack of reflection of the Dharma teachings. We need to make the time, earnest attempts, and find a quiet place to seriously reflect on the teachings. As we do not do the above, hence, our understanding of the Dharma is quite superficial. Due to the fact that we have not undergone reflection of the Dharma teachings, our understanding is relatively meager. This is the reason why Chinese Buddhism is on the decline.

(49)     We ought to realize and not forget that we are students of Sakyamuni Buddha. In this way, when we study the Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra or the Samyuktagama Sutra, we will do so with the utmost reverence.

(50)     While learning the Dharma, it is wrong to be satisfied just to obtain a superficial understanding. At the minimum, we must develop Right Thinking and Right Views. Only then, will one be able to truly start cultivating and prevent you from walking the wrong path.